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County Town Borken
Im Piepershagen 17, 46325 Borken
P.O. Box 17 64, 46322 Borken

Telephone: 02861/939-0
Fax: 02861/939-253

E-Mail: stadtpost borken.de
Web page: www.borken.de

The County Town Borken is a public corporation. It is represented by Mayor Rolf Lührmann.

Value Added Tax identification number according to § 27 a Value Added Tax Act: DE 124 168 013

Editorial office and responsible for content according to § 10 (3) MDStV (Mediendienste-Staatsvertrag, German legal framework for electronic media):

Markus Lask
Head of the Mayor`s office
Im Piepershagen 17
46325 Borken

Telephone: 02861/939-303
Fax: 02861/939-253
E-Mail: kontakt(at)borken.de

Stadt Borken



Junkerstraße 24
48153 Münster

E-Mail: websolutions(at)elemente.ms


The layout of the web page, the graphics and images used, the collections of as well as individual contributions are copyright reserved. The County Town Borken reserves all rights, including the rights to photomechanical reproduction, copying and distribution via special means (for example data processing, data carriers and data networks) also in parts. The County Town Borken does not assume guarantees for any errors and the correctness of the entries. Regarding all publications we aim at respecting the copyrights of the texts, graphics and documents used. As far as logos and signets of other companies, websites and organisations are used, their consent is assumed. If this is not the case, an E-Mail to stadtpost borken.de suffices.

Quellenangaben für die verwendeten Bilder und Grafiken (Azubi-Speed-Dating):
Fotolia: xavier gallego morel #59646947, vectorlib.com #591990906, Picture-Factory # 45205622, Alexander Raths #61133611, fotolia_74451846_M

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Place of fulfilment and exclusive place of jurisdiction is Borken (Westphalia).

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